USA Federal Reserve Pushes System the World Towards Global Economic Crises

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FEDFrom 2007 up to 2010 the USA Federal Reserve System transferred 16 USD trillion to several hundred banks and financial groupings. There are several hundreds of millions of people in the world who have dollars and by no means all of them are Americans. While printing these 16 USD trillion, the USA has slipped their hands into the pockets of those people without asking them just to finance several hundred banks and financial groupings. In addition, the ineffective activities of exactly those several hundred banks and financial groupings became the cause of the world crisis in 2009. The behavior of the USA Federal Reserve System strongly reminds the practice of the USSR Gosplan (main state bank), according to which there were withdrawn funds from profitable economic sectors to finance declining ones. Thus, the financial support in the USSR was distributed not only to financial experts but to workers, teachers and so on. During the crisis period in the USA and EU not very rich people were to tighten the belts first of all.

USSR Gosplan strategy led to the fact that it became more profitable for the citizens not to produce goods and services but to be closer to the people in charge, responsible for the distribution of funds. Economic catastrophe became of the main reasons of the Soviet Union collapse. In its turn the USA Federal Reserve System strategy made rich people became even richer during the crisis years. It could be expected. The main aim of the banks and financial grouping is to get maximum potential gain. Receiving generous and absolutely improper money, collected from the citizens, banks of course could not forget about thier own interests for commonwealth of the state and humanity.

World economic crisis is the result of the non-optimality of the existing world economic system. The attempt to solve difficult problem just by simple turning on of the typographic machine will not lead to the desired results but even create the risk of repeating the USSR fate by leading economic world powers.

Arman Ayrapetyan